new-episode Dance Events, Lighting Setups, and Cold Showers

Dance Events, Lighting Setups, and Cold Showers

This is a short on this week, but it is jammed packed with really good stuff! It's amazing what you can do when you don't have much time. Hope you all enjoy!

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00:00Introduction and COVID Testing

00:22Recap of Weekend Events

01:13Technical Difficulties

02:07Running Lights for a Performance

03:12Challenges with Lighting Cues

04:10Smooth Performance and Student Assistance

05:09Nick's Experience with Audio

06:15Florida Man's Lighting Setup

07:20Weather and Temperature Discussion

08:35Preparing for In-Person Podcast Recording

09:31Cold Showers and Polar Plunges

10:29Different Approaches to Cold Showers

11:45Flamenco Dancing and Saunas

14:46Winter Recital and Peyton's Dance Classes

19:00Flamenco Performances and The Big Bang Theory

22:40Grace's Career Plans and Conclusion

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