new-episode Blonde A & B, Dog Stereotypes, and Ethical Tipping

Blonde A & B, Dog Stereotypes, and Ethical Tipping

Join us this week for our special guests, and the Florida Sun. I will warn you all, and especially Bill Taylor, that this is a longer than normal episode, but it's worth it!

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00:00Introduction and Nick Cage Impressions

03:00Introductions and Charcuterie Board

06:00Living in Florida and North Dakota

09:00Children's Activities and Nicknames

13:00Funny Stories and Tragic Endings

16:00Dancing and TV Shows

20:00Jeep Rental and New Car Smell

25:00PDI and Hybrid Cars

30:00Driving in Florida and Christmas Day

31:31Winter Writing and Leather Jackets

32:00Taking the Bike or Boat

32:27Vehicle Vices

33:20Lisa's Volkswagen Beetle

33:49Harley Store and Coffee Shop

34:15Coffee Shop in Punta Gorda

35:05Navigating to the Coffee Shop

35:32The Unique Coffee Shop Experience

36:11Carpeted Coffee Shop and Interesting Clientele

37:23Shipping Expense for Coffee

38:02YouTube Chapters and Thumbnails

39:29The Joke That Didn't Land

39:49Coffee and Whiskey Shops

40:17Coffee Shipping Expenses

41:16Coffee Sniffing and Organic Options

42:05Shipping Charges for Coffee

42:36Coffee Shipping Comparison

43:18Talking to Someone with a Different Perspective

43:30Being the Crowd

43:57Coffee Shop and Tiki Bar

44:20Tiki Bar Names

45:07Growing Up with Siblings

45:38Sibling Dynamics

46:06Sibling Stories

46:31Sibling Rivalry

47:46Listening to Podcasts

48:37YouTube Chapters and Thumbnails

49:28History on Fleek and Clickbait Thumbnails

50:37Dog Breeds and Personalities

52:26Dog Behavior and Training

53:07Dog Encounters and Safety

54:03Pit Bulls and Dog Stereotypes

55:24Dog Personalities and Training

56:48Dog Stories and Unpredictability

58:42Creating Our Own Coffee Line

01:00:46Coffee and Salami

01:01:57Ending the Podcast

01:03:17Enjoying a Drink and Catching Up

01:04:08Reflecting on the Past

01:05:25Celebrating Milestones

01:05:35Coincidences and Connections

01:06:04Ending on a Light Note

01:06:39Appreciating Live Conversations

01:07:13Convenience of Digital Tipping

01:07:36Positive Customer Service Experiences

01:08:03The Importance of Tipping

01:08:46The Ethics of Tipping

01:09:15Tipping in Different Industries

01:10:13Sharing Knowledge and Resources

01:11:14The Value of Proper Attribution

01:11:37Appreciation for the Audience

01:12:01Wrapping Up with Gratitude

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