new-episode High Cost Suits, YT Shorts, and Conspiracy Theories

High Cost Suits, YT Shorts, and Conspiracy Theories

Be mindful of your surroundings during video calls to avoid any potentially inappropriate items being visible. Do we have you intregued? We thought that might get your attention. You should listen or watch this PoddiMouths episode to find out exactly what is so, "inappropriate"!

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00:00Accidental [Something] Display

08:46The High Cost of Suits

26:15Jen's Hesitation About Driving a Truck

29:33Turning in the Lease on the Jeep

33:24Nick Wants Jen to Buy Her Own Car

37:54Signing Up Peyton for High School and the Importance of Community Service

42:06Exploring YouTube Shorts and Channels

52:08Interest in Conspiracy Theories

56:11Lighthearted Exchange and Podcast Reminder

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