new-episode Aisle Etiquette, Unique Spaces, and Bulk Shopping

Aisle Etiquette, Unique Spaces, and Bulk Shopping

This week we spend some time talking about architecture, plays, and a whole host of other things. That includes talking about whether or not Peyton had time to record a new addition to our intro. You'll have to watch or listen to find out!

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00:00Introduction and Discussion of Unique Buildings

12:35Exploring Unique Homes and Architecture

21:56Appreciation for Frank Lloyd Wright's Designs

25:02Discussion of Spring Green and American Players Theater

26:28The Hill Neighborhood in St. Louis

27:22Memorable Dining Experience in St. Louis

27:49Shopping at Aldi and Costco

29:17Preferences for Grocery Stores

30:09Items Not Purchased at Aldi

32:39Comparison of Aldi and Publix

35:03Etiquette at the Grocery Store

37:28Shopping Habits and Expenses

39:13Quality of Aldi's Produce

41:01Making Pizza with Gluten-Free Flour

44:23Experience with Aldi's Pizza

47:16Cauliflower Crust Pizza

48:12Final Thoughts and Farewell

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