new-episode Ponderosa, hurricanes, and British humor

Ponderosa, hurricanes, and British humor

The epitome of "off the rails." Today's podcast went every which way the wind blew. We would say that's perfectly normal for the two of us, but this one was extra. Wanna know what was said? Well, then maybe you should listen to this episode of PoddiMouths!

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00:00Dealing with Colds and Allergies

05:14Success in Growing Plants from Seeds

11:09Exploring Different Fast Food Chains

21:30Enjoying TV Shows and British Humor

25:02Challenges of Driving During Hurricane Evacuations

29:03Making Decisions Based on Personal Circumstances and Preferences

39:16Weather Preferences and Sleep Quality

46:31The Power of Airplanes

49:04Clarkson's Farm and TV Show Discussion

55:38Upcoming 'Meetings Make Me Fat' T-Shirt Design

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