new-episode Small Talk, Motivation, and Colonoscopies

Small Talk, Motivation, and Colonoscopies

Normally we get all fired up during happy hour episodes, but this morning coffee episode had its fair share of feistiness! Can't wait for you to listen and share your two cents.

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00:00Introduction and Coffee Talk

00:27Coffee Preferences and Small Talk

01:17Personal Stories and Hobbies

03:20Changing Preferences and Life Circumstances

05:15Desire for Small Town Living

06:52Frustrations with People and Traffic

09:05Visiting Family and Dining Experiences

10:54Management and Employee Retention

13:22Work-Life Balance and Motivation

16:26Training and Accountability

22:46Diverse Conversations and Future Podcast Ideas

23:18Coffee Preferences and Quick Brewing Methods

23:42Different Ways to Enjoy Coffee

24:14Adding Flavors to Coffee

25:17Cream and Sweeteners

26:33Favorite Coffees

27:37Vietnamese and Cuban Coffee

30:59Sugar-Free Haribo Gummy Bears

34:12Grammar Pet Peeves

35:20Colonoscopies and Preventive Medicine

40:41Overusing Filler Words


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