new-episode Shirt Sales, AI Future, and Candy Pleasures

Shirt Sales, AI Future, and Candy Pleasures

Listen to the first of this two part episode about absolutely nothing! And, of course, everything. We start wih AI, add a little mushroom coffee, and end starting on golf. We can't wait for you to listen!

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00:00Introduction and Movie Discussion

03:02Shirt Sales and Personal Movie Preferences

06:02Phone Calls and Coffee Talk

09:01Pancakes, Coffee, and Podcasting

12:01AI Tools for Marketing

20:02The Future of the Podcast

22:40Introduction and Mushroom Coffee

23:08AG1 and Smarter Greens

24:10Replacing AG1 with a Cheaper Alternative

25:06The Benefits of Probiotics and Prebiotics

26:08Exploring Mushroom Coffee

27:19Making Mushroom Coffee Drinkable

28:14Alternative Uses for Mushroom Coffee

29:13Doubling Up on AG1 and Mushroom Coffee

29:55The Sluggishness of Coffee Wearing Off

30:24Finding the Right Time to Drink Coffee

31:35Personal Coffee Preferences

33:14Supplements and Personal Health

34:18Balancing Diets and Personal Preferences

35:15The Challenge of Feeding a Picky Eater

36:13The Constant Effort of Health

37:12Different Diets for Different People

38:11Finding the Right Diet for You

39:10The Gym and Physical Fitness

40:03Enjoying Food and Moderation

41:08The Pleasure of Candy

42:22The Enjoyment of Alcohol

43:52The Flair of Food and Drink

44:33The Importance of Enjoyment in Life

45:13Balancing Pleasure and Health

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