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Welcome to the home of the PoddiMouths Podcast.  We’re a couple of funny guys who deliver podcasts about everything… and nothing at all.  In fact, that was the inspiration for the podcast!

We are Jon Quade and Nick Kubik, and we have been working together in the “real world” for several years.  We got the idea to create this podcast thanks to several co-workers who encouraged us to take our entertaining conversations about everyting (and nothing at all) and turn them into a podcast.  We think it was a nice way of saying that any time we were in a room together we were a distraction to everyone else.  Albeit a good one!  So we did, and we just know you’re gonna love it! 

Here you will find information about us, merchandise (coming soon), full episodes, and much more!  Stay tuned (literally), and visit often.  You can even sign up for a newsletter near the bottom of the page to get more PoddiMation (info.).

Jon Quade

Jon Quade


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Nick Kubik


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