new-episode Making Friends, Golf, and Canada

Making Friends, Golf, and Canada

The second half of the interview with ourselves. You've been waiting all week to hear this episode, so you should listen…. Right now. Here. Listen. You know you want to.

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00:00Making Friends as You Age

00:05Golf and Friendship

04:27Difficulty in Finding Like-Minded Friends

07:47The Importance of Shared Interests

11:09Getting New Golf Clubs

14:09The Consistency of Professional Golfers

16:44Balancing Time and Family

18:29Golfing with Family

19:10Playing Golf with Pro Golfers

19:54Golfing with Arnie and Jack

20:22The Fun and Humor of Senior Tour Golf

21:41The Competitive Nature of Golfers

22:08Connections with Professional Golfers

22:36The Enjoyment of Watching Golf

23:06Different Types of Competitiveness

23:22Personal Competitiveness

23:51The Love for Golf in Canada

24:23Beautiful Golf Courses in Canada

24:44The Beauty of the Northern Rockies

25:13The Fairmont Hotels in Canada

25:41Memorable Golf Tournaments in Canada

26:09Playing Golf in Canada at a Young Age

26:38The Joy of Golfing in Canada

27:08Playing Multiple Rounds of Golf in a Day

27:31The Long Summer Days in Canada

28:06The Beauty of Canadian Landscapes

28:21The Fairmont Hotels in Canada

29:09Appreciating Art and Paintings

29:20Favorite Paintings and Artwork

30:14The Value of Personal Artwork

30:33Enjoying Canada and California

31:14The Beauty of Canada and Avoiding Politics

31:34The Population Distribution in Canada

32:14The Canadian Currency and Exchange Rate

32:42Using American Money in Canada

33:19Driving to Canada and Experiencing Winter

33:56The Beauty of Winnipeg, Canada

34:22The TV Show 'Ice Pilots'

35:09The Challenges of Maintaining Vintage Aircraft

36:13The Fleet of Vintage Aircraft in 'Ice Pilots'

37:06The Difficulty of Finding Parts for Vintage Aircraft

38:08The Use of 3D Printing for Vintage Car Parts

38:32Recommendation to Watch 'Ice Pilots'

39:11Promoting Potty Miles Merchandise

40:10Closing Remarks and Farewell

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