new-episode Signs, Bacheloring and Empty Fridges

Signs, Bacheloring and Empty Fridges

We discuss our love for Bloody Mary's with our preferred garnishes. We also talk about our experiences with bacheloring and the challenges of keeping the fridge stocked. The conversation digressed to the importance of lawn care and the different regional dialects in the US. Such and exciting episode! You should really listen or watch…. Or both!


00:00The Art of Garnishing Bloody Marys

09:20Bacheloring and Empty Fridges

13:12Lawn Care and Regional Dialects

15:40Discovering Entertaining and Smart YouTube Content

18:35The Joy of Comedy and Comedians

20:08The Value of Free Speech and Respect

26:06Cheers to Good Beer and Fond Memories

37:58Signs and Synchronicities in Life

41:25The Significance of License Plates and Personal History

42:49The Meaning of Signs and Numbers

45:20Numbers That Stay with You

50:26Shave It, Keep It, Don't Give a Shit

53:22The Importance of Bees and Pollination

56:02The Active Base of 42 Listeners

01:00:41Close to Joe Rogan Levels

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