new-episode Drive In Theaters, Building a House, and Family Conversations

Drive In Theaters, Building a House, and Family Conversations

We're back! And boy, we don't have much to talk about. That's not true; we had a lot to discuss, as you can tell from the title. You should listen and find out!

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00:00 Introduction and Movie References

01:15 Planning an In-Person Podcast

03:02 Discussion on Drive-In Movies

06:01 Exploring Back Roads

07:14 Abandoned Drive-In Theaters

08:22 Nostalgia for Drive-In Theaters

09:20 Gentrification and Real Estate Prices

15:04 Challenges of Building a House

21:11 Internet Connection Issues

23:57 Road Trip Plans

24:30 Coffee Adventures

26:01 Driving and New Devices

28:01 Exploring Different Coffee Blends

29:12 Family Conversations

30:11 Planning a Road Trip

32:03 Field of Dreams and Wall Drug

34:35 Upcoming Road Trip

35:17 Traveling by Air

36:14 Choosing Seats on Allegiant Air

37:03 Benefits of Allegiant Air

38:29 RFK Jr's Running Mate

40:14 Discussing Politics

46:09 Final Thoughts

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