new-episode Customer Trailers, Leftover Debates, and Vehicle Tech

Customer Trailers, Leftover Debates, and Vehicle Tech

Great set of rabbit holes for you all this week. We are all about the food, camping, and houses in this PoddiMouths episode.

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00:00Introduction and Funny Conversations

03:00The Importance of Home and Hometown

06:00Considering Selling the House

09:00The Impact of Moving on Children

13:00Reflecting on Hometowns and Childhood Homes

16:00Exploring the Nashville Housing Market

19:00Preparing for Cold Weather Camping

25:00Deciding Whether to Go Camping

27:00Considering Different Camping Options

28:05Building Custom Trailers

29:06Considerations for Choosing a Trailer

30:36Trade-offs in Trailer Design

31:19Off-Road Capabilities

33:03Finding the Right Vehicle for Your Mission

34:17Versatility and Justification for Vehicle Choice

36:18Debates on Electric Vehicles

37:38The Value of Plug-in Hybrids

38:29Cooperation in Vehicle Technology

40:07Food and Leftovers

45:23Dealing with Leftovers

47:25Closing Remarks

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